Friday, January 06, 2006

A different way to poach an egg

I read about this way to poach eggs in the Sunday Times a few years ago and I’ve been using it ever since. It makes a great poached egg. You end up with some interesting shapes and I just enjoy the ritual of it this way.


Put a small pan of water on the heat to boil.

Get a mug and lay enough cling film over it to allow for a hollow in the centre and a good overhang on all sides. Gently increase the size of the dip with your fingers – that’s where the egg is going to go.

Rub oil over the cling film with your fingers including a bit of the overhang, then break the egg into the hollow.

Carefully lift up the sides of the cling film and make a little parcel by twisting the cling film over the top of the egg. Then drop it into the boiling water.

Cook for three minutes and lift out of the water with a spoon.

Then all you have to do is unwrap your egg parcel and eat it on a nice slice of toast.

Apart from the middle boiling-water section, I think this would be nice thing to do with kids


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