Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yair's yummy breakfast 2 - Halloumi on toast with capers

Of course neither of these breakfasts have to be breakfast. But they do make a perfect late breakfast or brunch on the weekend.

Ingredients - per person (I've given quantities for 1 slice - but one slice is never enough)
1 slice of good bread (sour dough for preference)
4 slices of halloumi
Enough slices of a good tomato to cover the bread
1/s tsp chopped fresh chilli (red or green)
2 tsps of chopped capers
1 tsp chopped coriander
Olive oil

Pre heat the grill

Lightly toast the bread and sprinkle with olive oil. Then sprinkle on the chilli and coriander and lay on the sliced tomato. Season.

Next lay on the slices of halloumi and grill until golden

Finally sprinkle with the chopped capers and a bit of coriander if you have any left



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