Sunday, February 01, 2009

Coarse French country pate

Every 2 or 3 years Simone, who is 86, makes fantastic pork pate from a recipe passed down from her mother. The pate is always made in house in Marcillac and that feels right. It's definitely a country pate, robust and full of flavour. Delicious on good bread with a few cornichon and a glass of wine (or two)

The first step is to buy the onion, garlic and parsley and take it to Ritout, the village butcher, who minces them in with the meat ready for the next stage.

When we were ready to fill the jars we collected an ancient old 'sterilizateur' from Simone's niece Josette and boiled gallons of water in the 'cave' under the house.

Once the jars were sterilised Simone filled them. The only frustrating thing with this entire process is that the pate can't be eaten for a minimum of 4 months.

2 kg shoulder of pork (and a bit of neck) minced

200g pork liver minced
2 large onions chopped
3 cloves of garlic chopped
1 bunch of parsley chopped
2 to 3 glasses of dry white wine
45gms salt
pepper (liberal amount)
1 glass of cognac
as much black truffle as you can afford (we used 2 x 30g jars)

Mix the meat, liver, garlic, onions and parsley with the salt, pepper and white wine and leave it to marinade overnight.

The next day add the cognac and truffles and mix again.

Sterilise the jars with boiling water and fill (the amount above filled 17 small jars) and seal.

Put the jars in a steriliser (or large pan, weighted down so that they remain under the water).
Boil for 2 hours and then leave them in the steriliser to get cold.

Leave for a minimum of 3 to 4 months before eating.